Dr. Parmil Kumar

Qualifiation : Doctorate in Statistics

Specialization : Information Theory, Probability Theory

Designation : Senior Lecturer

Total Experience : Joined Department of Statistics, University of Jammu, Jammu in March,2002

Contact No. :

Email : parmil@yahoo.com

Publications (International) :  1. On Generalized Measures of Entropy and Dependence. Journal Mathematica Slovaca (Vol. 58, 2008, to appear)
                                                 2. On bivariate beta distribution, Revista Divulgaciones Mathematica (To appear)

                     (National) :  1.  On the generalization of Weibull distribution. Journal of Research, SKUAST-K, Srinagar
                                          2.  An Application of a form of Pareto Distribution to Income Data. Journal of Indian Statistical Association.Vol 44, No.1, 17-26(2006)
                                          3.  Generalized Measures of Useful Directed Divergence and Information Improvement with Applications.Defence Science Journal, Vol. 54,125-133(2004). . Communicated:
                                          4.  Information Theoretic Approach in Parameter Estimation.
                                          5.  Information Theoretic Approach for analyzing independence of Attributes in Contingency Tables.
                                          6.  On some statistical models and their application in agricultural data
                                          7.  On a generalized class of Entropies and their Evaluation
                                          8.  Bias and Variance of useful information measures.
                                          9.  Personal Probability codes in Useful Information.
                                          10. Some New Results on Relative Information Generating Function with utilities.