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About Hostels :-

University of Jammu has set up five hostels, out of which three are for boys and two for girls. Almost all the hostels are situated in the campus and within walkable distance from teaching departments/Central Library/Administration Block/Bank/Post Office/P.C.O./Dispensary/Cafeteria etc.

The Hostels are neat, clean and possess all kinds of amenities for making the living of boarders recreational and enjoyable. The room of each hostel is well ventilated and airy. Few rooms in each hostel have single seated capacity and majority is double seated. Each hostel has a very big lush green sprawling lawn in front and backyard of the hostel. Each hostel has telephone facility, sports facility (T.T./Badminton/Chess etc) drinking water fitted with acquaguard, refrigerators, water coolers, television, modern cooking gas plant, geysers fitted, economical and affordable mess charges. Inverters are fitted for acting as standby light arrangement in the absence of power, good reading rooms with latest career and information promoting magazines, local/national papers subscribed, well furnished guest room and desired first aid is available in each Hostel.

Nehru Hall - Boys Hostel Swami Vivekananda - Boys Hostel

The Doctor resides on the Campus and is available on call. The transport facility is available in each hostel for taking the students to the Hospital, if need be. The supporting staff is made available to each hostel. The day to day activities of the hostel are run by different committees of the Boarders. The University has set up kiosks near each hostel having the facility of PCO, Fax and Stationery items. The University/Hostels have matador/Mini-Bus facility at a stones throw distance from each hostel for visiting any part of the city. The Bus Stand, Railway Station and Airport are connected with public transport from each hostel of the University.

A rich culture is exhibited by the boarders of all the hostels. The boarders are involved in exchanging their culture by organizing important festivals of all religions. The boarders belonging to different parts of the country live in harmony with each other.

The Girls Hostels are known to have a distinct features of girls living in a well disciplined manner. The time limit is enforced for leaving the hostel and reporting back to the premises of the hostel. Attendance is taken on every day in the evening at the prescribed time and every boarder is required to be present prior to that. The Girls boarders are not allowed to leave the hostel thereafter. A strict vigil is kept on the entry and departure at the gate. No unauthorized person is ever allowed to enter into the hostel.

Chandrabhaga - Girls Hostel Priyadarshini - Girls Hostel

The affairs of the hostel are managed by a team of competent, dedicated, committed and mature Wardens who are always at the beck and call of the bonafide boarders round the clock. They render personal, social and economic guidance to all the boarders as and when required. All the boarders live in a very friendly, cosy and in an homely life atmosphere.

The Provost is available to the Boarders at all times for redressing the grievances of any kind relating to their stay in the hostel. The Vice-Chancellor too evinces keen interest in ensuring that the living of the boarders on the campus should be secure, safe and academic oriented.

All hostels are under the overall supervision of Provost. An independent office of the Provost has been set up to coordinate the working of all the hostels. All issues relating to the smooth working of the hostels are supervised by the Provost. The Provost coordinates with all the Wardens and renders guidance on all day to day issues of the hostel. All the boarders live in a very friendly and home like atmosphere.

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