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E-Shram Card 2023: Registration, Benefits, Payment Status, Balance Check Online Direct Link Here


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E-Shram Card 2023: E-Shram Card Name Check, Nеw List, E–Shram card Nеw List, Status Check. Today, we discuss an exciting initiative Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched – the E-Shram Card scheme! This wonderful program aims to extend social security benefits to India’s hardworking, unorganized sector workers.


One of the main things on the minds of those who will benefit from this program is how much financial support they can look forward to and when they will receive it. In this presentation, we’ll explore all the ins and outs of the E-Shram Card scheme. We’ll shed light on its generous financial assistance and the expected timeline for disbursing these much-needed funds. So, let’s get ready for an informative and uplifting discussion!

The E-Shram Card is an incredible scheme designed to create a safety net for our hardworking unorganized sector workers, who play a vital role in India’s labor force. It reaches out to a diverse group of workers, including those in agriculture, construction, domestic work, and many other informal sectors. The main goals of this scheme are to offer financial support, healthcare benefits, and pension provisions to these workers, ultimately boosting their quality of life and ensuring financial security.

E Shram Card 2023, E-Shram Card Name Check

E-Shram Card 2023-Overview

📋 Scheme NameE-Shram Card 2023
🚀 Launched byMinistry of Labor and Employment
📅 Start dateAugust 2021
👥 BeneficiariesUnorganised sector workers
💰 Pension benefitsRs. 3,000 per month
🛡️ Insurance benefitsDeath insurance of Rs. 2 lakh and Rs. 1 lakh for partial handicap
👵🏼 Age limits16-59 years
🌐 Official website
☎️ Helpline number14434

E–Shram Card Nеw List 2023 Check

E–Shram card Nеw List:

Univеrsal Idеntification: The card covers all unorganized sector workers, regardless of their profession or occupation, ensuring inclusivity.

Digital Authеntication: The e-Shram card relies on biometric data to authenticate workers’ identity, reducing the risk of fraud and ensuring that benefits reach the intended recipients.

Accеss to Wеlfarе Schеmеs: Workers with e-Shram cards gain access to a wide range of government welfare programs, such as healthcare, insurance, and pension schemes.

Portability: The card is portable, meaning that a worker can retain their e-Shram card even if they change jobs or locations, ensuring the continuity of benefits.

The e-Shram card initiative has been warmly embraced since its inception. It marks a crucial milestone in recognizing the invaluable contributions of unorganized sector workers to India’s economy and society. The updated list of e-Shram cardholders in 2023 is truly significant for several wonderful reasons:

  • Expanding Covеragе 

With each new list, the coverage of the e-Shram card expands, welcoming more unorganized sector workers into the formal system. This expansion is vital to the initiative’s success because it ensures that an even larger workforce can reap the rewards of social security schemes.

  • Enhancеd Bеnеfits 

The new list in 2023 is set to bring even more benefits and enhanced access to existing welfare schemes. The government is constantly working to improve and update its programs to serve e-Shram cardholders’ needs better.

  • Improvеd Data Managеmеnt 

Each new list is an exciting chance to enhance and enhance data management systems. Precise and current information about e-Shram cardholders is crucial for effectively implementing welfare programs.

  • Grеatеr Empowеrmеnt 

By participating in the e-Shram program, workers receive more than just access to benefits. They feel empowered and included, knowing their economic contributions are recognized and valued.

Thе Procеss of Enrollmеnt 

  1. Enrolling for the e-Shram card is a simple process to ensure maximum participation. Here’s how workers can obtain their e-Shram cards.
  2. Visit a CSC (Common Services Centre): Workers may visit their nearest CSC, an enrollment centre for the e-Shram program.
  3. Provide Required Documents: Applicants must provide necessary documents, including proof of identity and proof of address, along with their biometric data.
  4. Biometric Authentication: Biometric data, such as fingerprints and iris scans, are gathered to establish a unique digital identity for the worker.
  5. Verification: Once the data is collected, it undergoes verification to ensure accuracy and prevent duplication.
  6. Issuance of e-Shram Card: After successful verification, the worker receives their e-Shram card with a unique identification number.

E-Shram Card Status in 2023

To check the status of your e-Shram Card in 2023, follow these simple steps:

  • Visit thе е-Shram Portal. 

To check your e-Shram Card status, visit the official e-Shram portal (

Login or Rеgistеr 

Log in using your credentials if you have already registered on the portal. If not, you can register to check your e-Shram Card Status in 2023.

Checking the status of your e-Shram Card in 2023 is a simple process. Here’s how you can do it:

E-Shram Card Name Check State Wise

E-Shram Card Name Check: Searching for names on the e-Shram Card List is user-friendly. Here’s how it can be done:

Visit thе е-Shram Portal: Access the official e-Shram portal at

Log In or Rеgistеr: If you’ve already registered on the portal, log in with your credentials. If not, complete the registration process by providing your mobile number.

Navigatе to “List Namе Sеarch”: Once logged in, navigate to the “List Name Search” section on the portal.

Entеr Dеtails: To find a name on the list, enter the required details. Usually, you’ll need to provide your Aadhaar number or other relevant identification.

Initiatе thе Sеarch: Submit the information, and the system will initiate the search process.

Viеw thе Rеsults: Once the search is complete, you can view the results, indicating whether your name is on the e-Shram Card List.

Accеss Bеnеfits: If your name appears on the list, you can access the benefits of various welfare programs through the e-Shram portal.

FAQs E-Shram Card 2023

How do I get 3000 rupees from the e-shram card?

Unorganized e-Shram cardholders receive a monthly Rs.3,000 pension at age 60, with access to government schemes.

What is the new payment for the e-shram card 2023?

E Shram Card 2nd Installment List 2023: Eligible candidates will receive Rs 1000/- via E Shram or E Sharmik Scheme 2023 directly in their bank accounts. This yojana will benefit millions of labourers and vendors.

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