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Shillong TEER Result Today 18 November 2022

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Shillong Teer Result Today: Shillong Arrow Competition is organized by the Khasi Hills Association of Meghalaya State in which first people choose the number of arrows that are shot daily which gives results through online means on the official website and this page of our education. Shillong TEER Result 18.11.2022 has been provided in this post, go through the below table to check TEER Result. Based on this you can get the result checked and on the basis of the result, you can get the winning amount.

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ज्वाइन करे टेलीग्राम ग्रुप

Shillong Teer Result is an online based lottery game in which this game conducted every day you can play through an online medium in which the chances of winning are very less you can play it according to your own for which you get the first number and the amount directly is being transferred to your account in which today’s result is being provided to all of you so that you can check through online medium.

teer result today
teer result today

Shillong TEER Result Today 2022

If you are also here to check Shillong TEER Result 18 November 2022 then let us inform you that TEER Result is released every day at 4:00 PM and 5:00 PM for Round 1 and Round 2 respectively. In this post, you can find results for both rounds and then claim your prize if your number matches the Result. All of you can visit this portal to get your Round 1 and 2 Result online and then further claim your Prize from vendors around you. As the result is released in a centralized way, so you can claim your prize from any location or from the seller you went to buy a ticket.

Shillong TEER Game 18.11.2022

Shillong TEER game is definitely not a simple game, as in this game members need to make an objective and toss the bolt on the chosen number. There are essentially two rounds in this game. What’s more, you can wager from 1 rupee to 100 rupees. Shillong Teer game is played in Meghalaya which is situated in India.

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Because of web availability issues, May be postponed in distributing the Shillong TEER Results authoritatively. In any case, we will be distributed Shillong TEER Result refreshes as soon as conceivable from the tables of the area of the Teer game. Anybody can Purchase Shillong lottery TEER Game tickets upon the arrival of the game and the people who purchased the tickets for the first round and second adjustments can really take a look at the Fortunate number and champs of the games from beneath satisfied. additionally can get the Shillong TEER Result day to day Live updates connected with Shillong Teer Normal Numbers and Dream Numbers, Past Outcomes, Night Teer, House, Finishing and Old Peddling teer result diagram, and so forth.

Shillong Teer Result Today Highlights

Article Shillong TEER Result Today
Authorized by Government of Meghalaya State
Name of the Game Shillong TEER
Location Shillong
State Meghalaya State
Type of Game Lottery Based
Price of Ticket ₹300 to ₹500
Date of Result 18 November 2022
Winning amount 8000- 11000 INR
Mode of the Result Online Mode
Shillong TEER First Round Result Time 10:30 am and 11:30 am
Shillong TEER Second Round Result Time 4:30 and 5:30 pm
Status of Result Available Now

Shillong Morning TEER Result 18th November, 2022

First Round (FR) – 10.30 AM Second Round (SR) – 11.30 AM
                                       17                                              –

Shillong Evening TEER Result – 18th November 2022

           First Round (FR) – 4:00 PM         Second Round (SR) – 05.00 PM
                           –                               –

NIGHT TEER Result – 18th November 2022

First Round (FR) – 07:30 PM Second Round (SR) – 08.00 PM

Timetable of Shillong TEER game daily

The Shillong TEER game is a legal game and is permitted by Meghalaya Government. It is organized on a daily basis at a fixed time. Both in the morning and evening, there are two rounds (1st and 2nd round) and the result is also published within a few minutes. If you want to play the game, follow the chart below for a timetable update.

Morning Game time Result time
1ST ROUND 10:30 AM 10:45 AM
2ND ROUND 11:30 AM 11:45 AM
Evening Game time Result time
1st ROUND 3:30 PM 3:45 PM
2ND ROUND 4:30 PM 4:45 PM

How to play the Shillong TEER game?

In Meghalaya, the TEER game is rising step by step. There are in excess of 10,000 individuals, who are engaged with this game by going around 500 TEER game ticket counters. In morning and night, this round of fixation begins when in excess of 100 individuals as of now begin gathering close to the Shillong TEER lottery game counter. Every single player has an opportunity to hit 30 bolts at the objective in return for 300 rupees, and bowmen need to toss the bolts from a distance of 50 meters. Toward its finish, every one of the numbers that hit the objective is summarized, and the last two digits are considered as the last score of that person.

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In Shillong Teer Lottery Game, champs will be chosen by the people who accurately speculate the number of Bolts shot in a day. There are two rounds in this lottery game. Tickets for the two rounds can purchase from Teer Wagering Focuses from 10:00 AM to 3:30 PM. From that point onward, the Shillong Teer Lottery Result for the main round will be reported at 4:00 pm and the subsequent round will be announced at 4:45 pm.

Yet, there is an unusual approach to working out the Shillong TEER game outcome, and this is accepted by the residents of Shillong as it were. Anything they dream of according to the outcome is chosen. For instance; in the event that anyone had any sexual dream, the number is 17, or in your fantasy in the event that there is a lady, the number is 5, etc. Yet, this method of estimation isn’t legitimate, and it relies upon your expertise and karma.

Previous Days of Shillong TEER Game Results 2022

Shillong TEER Date 1st/First Round Result 2nd/Second Round Result
18th November 2022    
17th November 2022 69 96
16th November 2022 56 33
15th November 2022 27 05
14th November 2022 32 74
12th November 2022 36 21
11th November 2022 32 23
10th November 2022 76 44
9th November 2022 28 52
8th November 2022 18 60
5th November 2022 74 75
4th November 2022 21 42
3rd November 2022 82 54
2nd November 2022 58 21
1st November 2022 20 83
31st October 2022 54 59
29th October 2022 67 22
28th October 2022 00 13
27th October 2022 72 05
26th October 2022 85 71
25th October 2022 98 52
24th October 2022 54 71
22nd October 2022 03 88
21st October 2022 23 74
20th October 2022 57 26
19th October 2022 62 13
18th October 2022 59  
17th October 2022 82 51
15th October 2022 57 66
14th October 2022 57 12
13th October 2022 90 93
12th October 2022 07 24
11th October 2022 93 74
10th October 2022 26 28
8th October 2022 64 02
7th October 2022 79 20
6th October 2022 21 36
5th October 2022 50 41
4th October 2022 55 23
3rd October 2022 01 89
1st October 2022 95 38
30th September 2022 15 71
29 September 2022 18 80
28 September 2022 56 86
27 September 2022 91 54
26 September 2022 34 45
24 September 2022 88 69
23 September 2022 02 55
22 September 2022 49 77
21 September 2022 70 69
20 September 2022 75 81
19 September 2022 60 04
17 September 2022 28 65
16 September 2022 28 08
15 September 2022 80 94
14 September 2022 23 63
13 September 2022 79 20
12 September 2022 86 00
10 September 2022 58 94
09 September 2022 22 74
08 September 2022 86 95
07 September 2022 30 85
06 September 2022 96 67
05 September 2022 27 48
03 September 2022 00 44
02 September 2022 87 99
01 September 2022 00 40

Last words

As this bows and arrows lottery game brings cash, a couple of individuals like to play it as a kind of revenue. However, we shouldn’t fail to remember, that there is a breaking point to everything, and we shouldn’t become dependent on such games. On the off chance that you are additionally the person who loves to play the Shillong TEER game then go ahead and notice your score underneath and furthermore get notice of TEER result from our site on time.


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(FAQs)? Shillong TEER Result Today

✅ Shillong TEER Result Timing?

Ans: Shillong TEER Result released at 4:30 pm & 5:30 pm.

✅ How to check Shillong TEER Result?

Ans: To check daily Shillong TEER Result bookmark this page.

✅ What is the Winning Amount of Shillong TEER Lottery Result 18 November 2022?

Ans: Each winning candidate gets Rs 80/- against each One Rupee in their Ticket.

ज्वाइन करे टेलीग्राम ग्रुप

✅ What is the Shillong TEER Ticket Price?

Ans: Shillong TEER Ticket price varies from Rs 1/- to Rs 100/-.

✅ How to participate Shillong Teer Morning Lottery Game?

Ans: Only residents of the Meghalaya state can participate in this lottery game. For this, they need to buy a ticket from Re 1 to Rs 100 from the authorized ticket counter and agents.

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