Actionable Feedback Policy

Jammu University is committed to providing actionable feedback to its students, faculty, and staff. We believe that feedback is essential for professional development and for continuous improvement.


Our actionable feedback policy includes the following principles:

  • Feedback should be timely. Feedback should be provided as soon as possible after the event or performance that is being evaluated. This will help the recipient understand and take action on the feedback.
  • Feedback should be specific. Feedback should be specific and focus on the behaviour or performance being evaluated. This will help the recipient to understand what they need to do to improve.
  • Feedback should be constructive. Feedback should be constructive and should focus on helping the recipient to improve. It should not be personal or negative.
  • Feedback should be actionable. Feedback should be actionable and should provide the recipient with specific steps that they can take to improve.

We believe that these principles are essential for providing actionable feedback that is helpful and constructive. We are committed to upholding these principles in all of our feedback interactions.

If you have any questions about our actionable feedback policy, please get in touch with us at [[email protected]]

Here are some additional tips for providing actionable feedback:

  • Be specific. Don’t just say, “Good job” or “You need to improve.” Instead, focus on specific behaviours or areas of performance that the recipient can work on.
  • Be constructive. Offer suggestions for how the recipient can improve. Don’t just point out their mistakes.
  • Be timely. Provide feedback after the event or performance is evaluated as soon as possible.
  • Be respectful. Even if you have negative feedback to give, be respectful of the recipient.
  • Be open to feedback yourself. Be willing to receive feedback from others and to use it to improve your own performance.

By following these tips, you can provide actionable feedback that is helpful and constructive.