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New Jersey Residents, Get Ready: $1,500 Stimulus Checks Coming in 2024

By Sarah Mitchell

Updated on:


New Jersey residents, get your finances in order! The state is distributing a new round of stimulus checks worth $1,500 in 2024 as part of the ANCHOR Tax Relief Program. This program is designed to ease the burden of New Jersey’s high property taxes. Are you eligible for the NJ stimulus check 2024? Let’s dive into the details.


What is the ANCHOR Program?

ANCHOR stands for Affordable New Jersey Communities for Homeowners and Renters. It’s a program created to help New Jersey residents manage the state’s high property taxes. The $1,500 stimulus checks are a crucial component of this initiative.

NJ Stimulus Check

Key Eligibility Requirements

ResidencyMust be a New Jersey residentMust be a New Jersey resident
OwnershipOwn a home in NJ as of October 1st, 2019Rent a home in NJ as of October 1st, 2019
Income (2019)$150,000 or less$150,000 or less

How Much Can I Get?

The amount of your nj stimulus check 2024 will vary based on whether you own or rent your home, as well as your 2019 income:

  • Homeowners:
    • Income up to $150,000: $1,500 rebate
    • Income between $150,001 and $250,000: $1,000 rebate
  • Renters:
    • Income up to $150,000: $450 rebate

How to Apply (Since the deadline has passed, we’ll adjust this)

  • The application period for the current round of checks has ended. However, New Jersey may offer similar programs in the future. Stay up-to-date by checking the New Jersey Division of Taxation website.

What if I Missed the Deadline?

  • Possible Extensions: You might be able to request an extension in certain circumstances. Contact the New Jersey Division of Taxation to inquire further.
  • Future Programs: Be on the lookout for possible future stimulus programs in New Jersey.

Understanding the Big Picture

The nj stimulus check 2024 offers welcome relief, but it’s crucial to grasp the broader picture of New Jersey’s property tax situation.

  • High Property Taxes: New Jersey has some of the highest property taxes in the nation. [Include a specific statistic if possible]
  • Ongoing Efforts: The ANCHOR program represents one of the state’s efforts to tackle this issue.

Important Information

  • Expected Distribution: The stimulus checks are anticipated to be distributed in January 2024.
  • Payment Methods: You will receive your payment either by check or direct deposit.
  • Track Your Status: You can keep track of your rebate’s progress on the New Jersey Division of Taxation website.


The NJ stimulus checks provide substantial financial assistance for many residents of the state. Ensure you don’t miss out on this valuable relief by understanding the eligibility requirements and staying updated on potential future programs.

Am I eligible for the $1,500 stimulus check?

Use the eligibility calculator on the New Jersey Division of Taxation website to confirm.

Am I eligible for the $1,500 stimulus check?

Use the eligibility calculator on the New Jersey Division of Taxation website to confirm.

How will I receive my stimulus check?

You’ll receive it either via mail or direct deposit.

Where can I find more information or get help?

Visit the New Jersey Division of Taxation website or contact them directly.


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