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Indian Railway Station Master Salary | 7th CPC Pay Scale & Benefits 2023


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Every year, countless applicants strive to secure the highly sought-after Railway Station Master position in India. The Indian Railways Station Master role is highly desirable among job seekers. Following the implementation of the 7th Pay Commission (CPC), the Indian Railways Station Master Salary for 2023 has been revised. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in the railway sector, be sure to explore the Station Master Pay Scale on the following page Salary of a station master, also known as a railway station master, is determined by factors such as their grade pay and station master qualification is responsible for managing the daily operations of a railway station.


The position previously referred to as ASM, now known as Station Master, requires a training period of 78 days and includes a 5-year commitment. While undergoing training, Station Masters in the Indian Railways receive a Grade Pay of Rs. 2,800. Upon completion of training, their Grade Pay increases to Rs. 4,200. In addition to a variety of benefits, those appointed to the Railway Station Master role receive a basic pay of Rs. 36,500.

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Salary of Station Masters in Indian Railways

The position previously referred to as ASM, now called Station Master, requires a training period of 78 days and a commitment of 5 years. Throughout the training, the Station Master’s salary in the Indian Railways is classified under a Grade Pay of Rs. 2800/-. Upon completion of training, the Grade Pay increases to Rs. 4200/-.

Station Master Salary Guide – Comprehensive Overview

Component Amount X Class City Y Class City Z Class City
Basic Pay Rs. 35,400      
DA Rs. 4,248 (12%)      
TPA Rs. 1,800      
DA TPA Rs. 90      
– X Class City 24% Rs. 8,496    
– Y Class City 16%   Rs. 5,664  
– Z Class City 8%     Rs. 2,832
Gross Salary   Rs. 50,255 Rs. 47,424 Rs. 44,592
– NPS 10% of (3) Rs. 3,717      
– CGHIS Rs. 30      
– Professional Tax Rs. 250      
Total Deduction Rs. 3,997      
In Hand Salary   Rs. 46,260 Rs. 43,320 Rs. 40,580
Night Duty Allowance Rs. 2,700/month      
Overtime Allowance(OTA)      
Travelling Allowances and others

Salary of Railway Station Master as per the 7th CPC

The Railway Station Master, who holds the most senior position within the Indian Railway, is responsible for overseeing the entire railway station. Information regarding the updated salary for this position can be found on this page. Prospective candidates who are interested in learning more about the salary of Indian Railways Station Masters may refer to the following section on this page. This section has been thoughtfully crafted by the team at

Salary Component X Class City Y Class City Z Class City
Basic Salary Rs. 35,400 Rs. 35,400 Rs. 35,400
Dearness Allowance (DA) Rs. 4,248 Rs. 4,248 Rs. 4,248
Transport Allowance (TPA) Rs. 1,800 Rs. 1,800 Rs. 1,800
DA on TPA Rs. 90 Rs. 90 Rs. 90
HRA (X Class City – 24%) Rs. 8,496 N/A N/A
HRA (Y Class City – 16%) N/A Rs. 5,664 N/A
HRA (Z Class City – 8%) N/A N/A Rs. 2,832
NPS (10% of Basic + DA+TPA) Rs. 3,717 Rs. 3,717 Rs. 3,717
Central Government Health Insurance Scheme (CGHIS) Rs. 30 Rs. 30 Rs. 30
Professional Tax Rs. 250 Rs. 250 Rs. 250
Gross Salary Rs. 50,255 Rs. 47,424 Rs. 44,592

The maximum salary for a Station Master

According to the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission, an Assistant Station Master who gets promoted to the position of Station Master will be eligible for a higher grade pay. Therefore, we have presented the salary details of Station Masters in the Indian Railway on the page below for your perusal. Kindly take a look.

List of Allowances and Perks for Railway Station Masters:

  • Dearness Allowance: 28% of the Basic Pay
  • Transport Allowance: As per applicable rules
  • House Rental Allowance (HRA): As per the city of posting
  • Night Duty Allowance: As per applicable rules
  • National Holidays Allowance
  • Overtime Duty Allowance
  • Special Compensatory Allowances for Tribal/Scheduled Areas
  • Educational Allowances
  • Daily Allowance

The salary of Station Master is in accordance with the 7th Pay Commission.

Aspect Amount
Pay Scale Rs. 5200 – Rs. 20200
Station Master Grade Pay Rs. 2800
Initial Pay Rs. 8560
Total Pay Rs. 11360 + other allowances

Anticipated Salary Range for Station Master under the 7th Pay Commission:

Pay Scale Rs. 15600 – Rs. 60600
Grade Pay Rs. 8400
Entry Pay Rs. 34080

Allowance for Indian Railways Station Masters:

Indian Railways offers a range of benefits in addition to salaries for its Station Masters. These benefits include:

  1. House Rent Allowance (HRA)
  2. Dearness Allowance (DA)
  3. Running Allowance (based on the kilometers traveled)
  4. Traveling Allowance
  5. New Pension Scheme (with 10% deduction)
  6. Night Duty Allowance
  7. Over Time Allowance (OTA)
  8. Compensation for Holidays
  9. Traveling Card for employees and their family members issued by Indian Railways
  10. Daily Allowance and mileage allowance for local journeys exceeding 8 Km.
  11. Special Child Care Allowances for Women and PWD employees
  12. Educational Allowances for employees’ children
  13. Special Compensatory Allowance for special job locations

Job Profile of a Station Master:

Name of the Post Station Master (SM) formerly ASM
Training Period 78 Days (Earlier 2 Years)
Salary During Training Grade Pay Rs. 2800/-
Salary After Training Grade Pay Rs. 4200/-
1st Salary Rs. 38,000/- (Approx)
Bond 5 Years Bond

The Assistant Station Master holds a senior position within the Indian Railway and is responsible for ensuring that all operations adhere to the established rules. They are also responsible for operating signals and working in shifts. While smaller stations typically have only one Station Master, larger stations may have multiple individuals serving in this role.

The following is a revised version of the job profile for the RRB NTPC Station Master (SM):

  • The Station Master (SM) is responsible for managing trains at a station, operating signals and ensuring compliance with rules.
  • Their ultimate job is to maintain passenger services and ensure a smooth experience for rail travelers.
  • They must also take care of passengers boarding and disembarking at the station.
  • Station Masters work in shifts and are responsible for station upkeep and cleanliness.
  • At smaller stations, they may also handle commercial tasks such as ticket and parcel booking.
  • They are expected to assist rail travelers in all aspects.
  • In case of emergencies or accidents, the Station Master serves as the manager of the station and oversees rescue operations.
Salary Component Amount (in INR)
Basic Pay 35,400
Grade Pay 4,200
Dearness Allowance (DA) 12,036
Travel Allowance 2,016
House Rent Allowance (HRA) 3,186
In-hand Salary 56,838

Advancement Opportunities in the Station Master Profession:

The position of Assistant Station Master is held in high regard within the Indian Railways due to the significant responsibilities and tasks associated with the role. Employees of the Indian Railways are promoted based on their years of experience, and an Assistant Station Master has the potential to advance to the role of Divisional Operation Master (DOM). The hierarchy of Assistant Station Master (ASM) employees includes a clear path for career growth, as outlined below:

  • Assistant Station Master (ASM)
  • Station Master (SM)
  • Station Superintendent (SS)
  • Assistant Operations Manager
  • Divisional Operations Manager
Class of City House Rental Allowance (HRA)
X Class City 24% of Basic Pay
Y Class City 16% of Basic Pay
Z Class City 8% of Basic Pay

Final Remarks: We trust that the Station Master Salary after 5 and 10 years, as presented on this page, meet your satisfaction regarding the Indian Railways.

The content appears to be a repetitive list of keywords related to the position of Railway Station Master, with a focus on salary, grade pay, and qualification requirements. Here’s a revised version that rephrases the information to avoid redundancy station master qualification:

This content pertains to the role of Railway Station Master, including details on salary, grade pay, and qualification requirements. The position of Railway Station Master is a vital one within the railway system, and those who hold this role must meet certain eligibility criteria. This may include possessing a specific educational background or having prior experience in a related field. In terms of compensation, Railway Station Masters typically receive a competitive salary, along with additional benefits such as grade pay. Overall, the role of Railway Station Master requires a combination of technical skills and interpersonal abilities, and can be a rewarding career choice for those interested in the transportation industry station master qualification.

station master salary

Q: What are the job duties of a station master?

A: A station master is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of a train station, including scheduling trains, managing staff, and ensuring the safety and security of passengers. They also handle customer service inquiries and resolve any issues that may arise.

Q: What is the salary of a station master?

A: The salary of a station master can vary based on factors such as their experience, location, and the company they work for. However, in general, the average salary of a station master in the United States is around $60,000 per year.

Q: What qualifications are required to become a station master?

A: To become a station master, you typically need a high school diploma or equivalent. However, some employers may require a bachelor’s degree in a related field, such as transportation management. Additionally, experience working in the transportation industry or customer service can be helpful.

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